Music has always played a significant role in my life and work. Here I will be sharing some of the music based projects I have been working on along with other material that I find interesting or has had an impact on my work or life.

The moss  Series

About ten years ago I had created a playlist of music for myself called “Mossin” that really helped me relax and dream while also complimenting those “lazy Sundays” at home or around the studio. This series is all about relaxing or “mossin” as I like to describe it. Each album is curated in a way that considers the nature of each song and sequences them in a way that creates a musical cohesion so that the listener can just press play and enjoy their day.

Over the next few months I will be posting one compilation at a time through my newsletter and Soundcloud channel, eventually completing four or five albums. All the tracks will be legally acquired and information behind each of the artists included on these mix-compilations will be included or accessible.

I also hoped to present a series of artists that I have come across over the past year that I feel are making some fascinating compositions through traditional instruments, electronic as well as mixed media that I hope will be new discoveries to listeners.

moss : awakenings is a collection of music that provides a gradual awakening over the course of the album. I set out to musically embody the moment one begins to open their eyes on the morning of a day with nothing to do. Through curating a gradual cascade of atmospheric, awakening and various rhythmic compositions I tried to walk a line that initially makes it hard to get out of bed, eventually providing opportunities where I provide the energy to allow your feet to leave the covers and land at the bedside to begin the day.

moss : clear skies is a compilation of music built on the experience of having a chill walk on a beautiful day with clear skies and no where to be anytime soon.

moss : sunset  I am really excited to have brought together these artists for this very chill compilation exhibiting ghostly vocals, deep orchestra accompaniments and warm acoustics juxtaposed with spacial electronic synths, pads and just fascinating sounds. The opening track Never Loose Your Smile (Izzard Remix) by Exist Strategy, sets the tone for the spirit of the journey of tracks to follow through its sombre, melodic depth carried by some unique rhythmic textures. I encourage the listener to put on some headphones and lay back because you will want to let some of these songs to wave over and echo through your body with an awesome delicacy that sets with the sun. On my final session of curating the songs in this collection I came into it pretty stressed by the end I felt like the weight of my day was completely extinguished. Songs like “Cover My Soul” by Neo Geo and Utter, captured from an improvised jam between the the two artists and recorded on an iPhone (later edited) are absolutely consuming in their progression and its rich simplicity. You’ll also find breathtaking achievements in harmony between acoustic and electronic instruments through out. The compilation closes out with a moving cover of Sting’s “Fields of Gold” by the late Eva Cassidy, bringing the compilation to a light hearted close.