Wall Work

Currently I have been working on large scale charcoal drawing on painted aluminum. My interest with my current body of work is how our understanding of context or the psychological landscape that we construct in our minds through the mediated image. In my work I am dealing with these concepts by constructing a form of landscape that is architectural and abstract making reference to the way one’s understanding of a landscape (whether it be psychological, sociological, economical or natural)  is actually a constructed perception that has its own architecture.

I employ the line not just as a formal element but as a conceptual device. That being that a line can connect or divide, contain or define, or when line is emphasized or manipulated it can be poetic and when it is controlled it becomes words or a system.  So with this versatility in its use, I find line to be an effective and consistently appropriate component in my work especially given my conceptual interests.

As a whole this work is really finding a certain method to madness and inviting the viewer to join me.